A great start for the day

Today I began my day at St. Philomena’s Roman Catholic Church. As a young boy I attended daily Mass, often serving as an altar boy. Yesterday I met Fr. Robert Marino, Pastor of St. Philomena’s and he told me that Mass on Wednesday would be at 9:00 am followed by Adoration of the Eucharist. As I entered the chapel at St. Philomena’s this morning I was moved by the ambience. Here a simple chapel adorned by a few statues, one of them of St. Anthony and the Child Jesus. A painting of Our Lady of Guadalupe and behind the altar, the San Damiano Cross. There was decidedly Franciscan tone. The chapel was warm and inviting and there were four ladies who welcomed me as I entered. Mass began promptly at 9:00 am and I was treated to an intimate experience of the Eucharist. Fr. Marino introduced me to the others in attendance and that made me feel welcome too. Following the Mass, Fr. Marino prepared the monstrance for adoration, placed it on the altar and we sang Pange Lingua. As we sat in the quiet and presence of the Eucharist I reflected on my good fortune to be part of this community. Peace.