Non-cooperation and redemption

The following clip taken from the movie Gandhi is one of my favorites and it’s one I think of often. The United States imperial power controls Iraq & Afghanistan and we view our presence there as essential to the peaceful operation of those two states when in fact we are a foreign power and though the puppet regimes we have in place seem to want us to stay there are no doubt citizens in both countries who wish we’d leave. Gandhi and India’s witness to history is powerful. Without firing a shot they removed the British from India. It took a lot of work and many Indians lost their lives at the hands of the British including the famous massacre at Amritsar but eventually the British left and through it all India and Britain maintain a cordial relationship. Throughout it all Gandhi chose not to demonize the British but to redeem them. That is the best possible consequence and one that is worthy of emulation everywhere.


Then we win

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

–Mahatma Gandhi

Barack Obama’s quest for the presidency reminds me of this quote. Conventional wisdom had anybody Obama being in the spot he’s in versus John McCain. All the pundits wanted Hillary. Hillary wanted Hillary. But, it was the voice of the people that first spoke in the Iowa winter that changed all that. We are one nation and one people and our time has come. We are not Red America and Blue America, we are the United States of America.


Peace is every step..

I came across this video while searching for peace videos on Youtube. There is some footage of Claude Anshin Thomas of whom I wrote the other day. There is some of Thich Nhat Hanh and others who are committed to peace.

I am committing what’s left of my life to stopping war and working for peace. Our politicians don’t have the stomach but perhaps you and I do. [youtube=]

“The truth is the truth, even when you are a minority of one”–Gandhi