Blind guides

I read today on one of the news blogs that Glen Beck and some Republican congressman are touting that a vote on health care on Sunday is dishonoring God. It reminds me of the quote from Jesus taken from the Gospel of Mattew 23:24.

You blind guides strain at a gnat and swallow a camel.

Where were these two guys when we voted for war? Where was their phony moral outrage when wars were started? Repeatedly in the Bible we are admonished to care for the less fortunate. I’m personally a fan of single payer health care and unfortunately that won’t pass in Congress because too many of our lawmakers are owned lock, stock and barrel by the insurance cartels, but at least this bill provides a measure of relief to the uninsured and those who are targeted by unscrupulous insurers. This bill is far from perfect but at least its a start.


For the last several weeks we’ve been treated to non-stop coverage of one man’s infidelity to his wife. I’m not excusing Tiger Wood’s behavior, but that is a matter between he, his wife and family. I’m not sure even Bill Clinton got this much attention. There are larger issues. Affordable health care for all Americans is slipping off the table. Americans are dying everyday in Iraq and Afghanistan but that goes largely unreported while we have non-stop coverage of Tiger’s infidelity. I wonder how many of the main stream media and sportscasters in particular could stand up to the scrutiny they’ve put Tiger to. Enough! Let’s get on with real issues.

More health care news

Here’s a story I came upon tonight on Crooks & Liars. It’s a great piece by Bill Moyers which highlights the problem that average Americans have in obtaining health care and the best part is that he shows how a country doctor and our new Surgeon General helps average Americans. This week Republicans and Democrats who are getting money from health care conglomerates are attempting to derail health care reform for ordinary Americans. We need your help in getting out the vote and pressuring Congress to pass health care reform that guarantees affordable and where necessary government subsidized health care for ordinary Americans. Congress get’s free health care but many of those same congressional folks think that you and I don’t deserve the same. Call or write your representative and make your voice heard on this most important issue.