Enabling a paradigm change

We need a revolution in the United States. Barack Obama is giving voice to populism the likes of which is refreshing and a change from business as usual. Hilary Clinton and John McCain represent the old order. In the midst of this change is an under-current of hope that will not be extinguished. The United States of America was founded by men and women of vision and throughout our history we have women and men who have risen above the rest to invite us to look to our higher angels.

Tonight in the mail I received yet another invitation to yet more change that must come and that is throwing off the yoke of fossil fuels. For too long we have labored in bondage to the petro-chemical complex. A conference for Developing the Market and Infrastructure for Electric and Plugin Hybrid Vehicles.

Presenting the first international event to bring together the key players involved in the development of plug-in hybrid and electric vehicle markets. Focusing on the commercial drivers, this event will examine strategies to make the technology affordable to the consumer and manufacturer, and making it economically feasible through infrastructure, public policy and incentivization.

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