Focus your positive energy for good

Today I saw in the news that the President of the United States is asking that Sunday March 15, 2020 be a day of prayer. That’s a great idea and coming from anyone else it probably would have been better received. He has after all been an incredibly divisive person who has done much to discredit the press, science and anyone else who has disagreed with him. However, that is not important now. What is important that we focus our collective energies on stopping this pandemic. We have seen many examples around the world of people reaching out to help others in their midst. Whether you are a believer or not is not important but each of us is made of energy and we can focus that energy in positive ways to stem and perhaps change the negative energy around us.

As an older person I’m very concerned for my own personal safety and as a person who could be a vector for the transmission of this deadly virus. I’ve been washing my hands much more than usual and use alcohol and bleach wipes which have dried my skin. I’ve prayed because that is something that I am comfortable doing. A little religion goes a long way for many in this world and its been one of the most divisive sources on our planet that anyone could ever imagine. Therefore my appeal is for a focus of positive energy. If you are religious that is fine. If you are not religious that is fine too. I practice yoga and I know that there are energy centers which we can summon and project out to help others and to help our world. I am hoping that you will join me in focusing this positive energy on the world around us.