The Obama Legacy

I just watched a segment of “The Kelly File” where conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer said that the Trump presidency cancels out the Obama Legacy. I think that’s a very shortsighted comment. The people affected by the Obama presidency cannot be cancelled. The Republicans may finally get to repeal Obamacare and reverse legislation that was passed during the Obama presidency, but they will never be able to remove the indelible experience that those people who were lifted up by the Obama presidency. It’s presumptive indeed for such assertion. The genie is out of the bottle so to speak. The GOP may remove millions from healthcare for a period of time and while this will cause unprecedented suffering for the those affected it will not remove the love and affection that they have for the Affordable Care Act. Our daughter was one of the beneficiaries of the act.

Likewise there are other policies like the “Paris Climate Agreement” which may be revoked but it will not cancel the legacy. If anything such egregious activity will cement the Obama legacy. The American consciousness has been expanded and will never be the same. Does that commentator really believe that Americans will not remember with pride the eight years that the Obama’s graced the White House?  I believe the so-called conservatives are whistling in the dark. Out of the darkness and defeat of this election will arise a new progressive agenda forged by a new leadership driven by the Millenial generation who care deeply about the environment, health care for their families and burdensome college debt. President-Elect Trump’s victory is not a blessing for the GOP status quo of intransigence. On the contrary Candidate Trump walloped every GOP candidate in the primaries who espoused the tired rhetoric of confrontation and crony capitalism.  His populist message is much more about trashing the Washington elite than it is about a return to conservative principles. It will be an interesting time in America and one that many in both parties will find un-settling.