Solutions for Printing to an HP 1212mfp from Fedora 21

Setting up and getting started on Fedora 21 has had it’s challenges and earlier today I needed to setup printing to the multi-function laser printer in my home. I discovered that I needed to use Google and internet search to find a solution for printing. If you’re in the same predicment you might appreciate knowing that there are solutions to your printing woes. HPLIP (Hewlett-Packard Linux Imaging & Printing) is an HP-developed solution for printing, scanning, and faxing with HP inkjet and laser based printers in Linux. It’s a great resource and provided exactly what I needed. Better still it gave me specialized drivers that allow me to maximize the abilities of my multi-function device. This is a much better solution than what I had been used to with Ubuntu. I’m including a link to the solution for Fedora 21. Be sure to follow all of the steps and you’ll be up and running in no time. Thank you Fedora and Hewlett-Packard for great documentation.