MSM no longer relevant

After watching President Obama’s prime-time press conference and after having read the blogosphere all day along with comments on Facebook I’m convinced that he kicked some serious butt. However, if you’re unlucky enough to listen to main stream media outlets like CNN, Fox and others you get a much different story.  These are the same prevaricators who failed to hold George Bush’s feet to the fire six years ago when we went marching into Iraq.  President Obama proved in the general election when these same media giants were calling the race much tighter than it actually was that social networks like Facebook and MySpace along with other blogs are where most of the grassroots really gets their news.

I noted during the press conference that the President actually fielded a question from a Huffington Post reporter. That is a paradgigm change and emblematic of the Obama Presidency. Paradigm shifts are revolutions and we’ve been witnessing one in the last year. Tonight was one more chapter in era of netroots and the netroots generation. We don’t need Wolf Blitzer, John King and Campbell Brown telling us what we just saw. We’re a lot more sophisticated. Network news won’t end right away, but it’s no longer out front and hasn’t been for sometime. We don’t need Chris Matthews or Jack Cafferty when you can start your own blog, wiki or generate your own content on Youtube or  President Obama is hip and so are we.