Traveling to Sudbury

We are about a week away from traveling north to Sudbury Ontario. We’ve never been there and that’s the charm of going. It’s going to be our 40th wedding anniversary and my wife wanted to visit a new place. So we’re off to Sudbury. It’s on about the same latitude as Escanaba Michigan which is a place we visited about twenty-five years ago.  I love to travel but I’m always mildly apprehensive at the same time too. What will the road be like? Are there gas stations in Northern Ontario? You know the usual things that an anxious person imagines.

We both love visiting Canada and this will be my second visit to the province this spring. Last month I drove up to Niagara-on-the-Lake and took in Prince Caspian at the Shaw Festival.  This trip is a much more ambitious undertaking. It’s about a three-hundred-eighty-mile trip almost due north. That’s six hundred sixteen kilometers which sounds more impressive. I’m trying to learn more about Sudbury and the route of the trip north which is on Route 400.   Podcasts are one of my favorite sources of information and I’ve been looking for ones that talk about travel in Northern Ontario.