Secrets of Success and Inner Peace

I’ve been reading Wayne Dyer’s, Ten Secrets for Success and Inner Peace. Dr. Dyer is a fan of St. Francis of Assisi. It’s been good to read this book for me. It’s just what I needed. A respite from all that I’ve experienced lately. It’s an affirmation that I am surrounded by the presence of God. In fact the author asks his reader to think of God as a presence rather than as a being. Lots of good quotes that have made me think and reflect. Reading this book has been like being on a retreat. I recommend it to anyone.

I’m actually going on a retreat next week. I’ve scheduled a couple of days at Mt. Saviour Monastery in Pine City, New York. I’ve visited Mt. Saviour a number of times. I really enjoy their bookstore. Next week I’ll get to spend a couple of days there. One of the secrets of success that Wayne Dyer speaks of in his book is “Embracing Silence”. I’ve found that to be increasingly true for me. Too much noise is debilitating.