Give peace a chance

I just read a very disturbing piece that was written by Seymour Hersh in which he describes in detail plans that are being drawn up at this moment for a nuclear attack on Iran. This pre-emptive strike is being planned by the Bush Administration to negate the growing threat of an Iranian nuclear presence. Naturally as a Franciscan I abhor the thought of the use of any weapon let alone a nuclear weapon. There is not much that I can do as a private citizen of this world. It is small wonder that so many in the middle east have a very low regard for Christians as Mr. Bush describes himself to be one. I am reminded of a quote attributed to Mahatma Gandhi, “I do not reject your Christ, I love your Christ. It is just that so many of you Christians are unlike your Christ.” Gandhi also said that if we could get 1 percent of the world to meditate that we could stop all wars. I’ve been intrigued by that assertion for years. Is it possible that we have the solution to this war making if only we could find enough of our fellow humans to attempt such an undertaking.

I am asking as we begin this Holy Week observation tomorrow that we would consider meditating and encouraging others to do the same to avert the certain chaos that would result from yet another military intervention. I don’t care who or what you worship, please let us resolve to take a stand for peace. Peace and all good.

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