Praise for bloggers and blogging

“The only way to get rid of misconceptions about contemplation is to experience it. One who does not actually know, in his own life, the nature of this breakthrough and this awakening to a new level of reality cannot help being misled by most of the things that are said about it. For contemplation cannot be taught. It cannot even be clearly explained. It can only be hinted at, suggested, pointed to, symbolized. The more objectively and scientifically one tries to analyze it, the more he empties it of its real content, for this experience is beyond the reach of verbalization and of rationalization.”–From New Seeds of Contemplation by Thomas Merton

I came across this quote at a nice website I discovered thanks to a blog that now links here. Here is the link to more Thomas Merton quotes and more. I’ve discovered that blogging is very enlightening and fulfilling. I must say that in the four months since I started doing this I’ve gained a great deal of insight and been blessed by reading the posts of other bloggers. I’m now reading more and sharing in a richness that I had not enjoyed up until now. Blogging has been given a bad name in the American press. To be sure there are political blogs on the right and left that get a little carried away with their judgments but what is not reported in the press is the very rich sharing among the spiritual bloggers.
This is a revolution in publishing not seen since the advent of moveable type.

I owe the link to Mark at “You Duped me Lord”., Mark had added this blog as a link to his work. I’m flattered that so many of you have enjoyed what I’ve posted. At the same time I’m encouraged in my own life knowing that there are others who write blogs or post comments on them that are thinking like I am. There are no doubt some among us who are the Thomas Mertons of this day. I want to thank the young man who first introduced me to blogging over a year ago. He’s got a great link on his site that I think deserves to be shared, Send a Friend to School. Thank you, Kevin. Peace and all good.

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