Living with War and Lies

I recently purchased Neil Young’s latest album, “Living with War”. I’ve listened to album perhaps a dozen times and I find the lyrics captivating. I don’t know how well this album has sold but it raises interesting questions and the voice of the counter culture that seeks a truth that isn’t being told on major news outlets here in the USA. Restless Consumer is one of the ballads on the album. The recurring mantra of that song is “don’t need no more lies.” This really resonates with me. Politicians of all stripes seem beset with an inability to tell the truth. John 14:6, Jesus says, “I am the way, the truth and the life.” Don’t expect any of our politicians especially our president to speak the truth anytime soon. They only speak truth by accident. I can’t watch any of them or read any of their work without being revolted. I’m with Neil, “don’t need no more lies, don’t need no more lies.” Peace.

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