The Dilbert Solution

I’m a regular reader of the Dilbert Blog. It’s more fun than reading the news and it’s probably nearly as accurate. There is no pretense that Scott Adams is anything more or less than a cartoon editor and publisher unlike the producers of CNN, Fox and the major network outlets. It’s author has an entertaining post today and I thought it was worth sharing. Scott Adams once authored a book entitled, “The Dilbert Principle.” The central thesis of the Dilbert Principle was that “ambiguity succeeds where honesty dares not tread.” That principle seems to be a governing principle of the Bush administration. Here’s Dilbert’s solution to retributive foreign policy. This might be entitled a post preemptive approach to foreign policy.

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  1. I still like the plan my brother and I came up with as kids – mind you, it wasn’t perfect but it did solve a couple of pressing problems: 1. World peace. 2. Hoeing those stupid beans.

    Essentially, my brother and I, out of the goodness of our hearts, would give up our chores to deserving world leaders* who would discover their shared humanity while working together and forge world peace.

    * Deserving world leaders: whoever my brother and I thought could use the common sense granted by having to hoe beans in the hottest part of summer.

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