Today marks my one year anniversary of surviving a pulmonary embolism. A year ago my future was very uncertain. I was reading Psalm 91 in a hospital bed at the nearby Olean General Hospital. I had great medical and nursing care. I met a number of great people who don’t get enough credit who acting as God’s agents saved my life. I was rescued from the brink of death by modern medicine. Who should I thank then? Is it God or man? My own answer is God made man, therefore it was God acting through his creation which saved my life. How many people do you know that separate the sacred from ordinary everyday life and in so doing miss the presence of the creator in their daily life. St. Francis of Assisi was one person who was attuned to the presence of God in all that he did and all that he witnessed. Try to develop the habit of looking at all that surrounds you as brother and sister in this creation. St. Bonaventure spoke of the “fountain fullness” of God. The world is just brimming over with the fullness of creation. How often I miss the forest because of the ugliness of a few trees.

Do yourself a favor. Turn off the television, disconnect yourself from the Internet, take a deep breath and reflect on the kingdom of God that lives in and around you. Deo gratias. Peace.

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2 Replies to “Anniversary”

  1. My gosh, Don. A pulmonary embolism? Surviving one of those is very rare, isn’t it? God Bless you, and Thank God for your recovery.

  2. Jeff, It’s not as rare as you might think. About 60% do survive. I am fortunate that it was not one big embolism. That might have been fatal. The experience did cause me to rethink some of my life plans and refocus again on living life one day at a time and enjoying the moment more and more.:-) Don

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