The true nature

“The true nature of all things is continuously manifesting. When a dog barks or pees on the ground, that dog’s true nature is in realization. The dog is manifesting dog nature, just as a stick lying on the ground manifests its stick nature. All things are always manifesting their true nature. We never look at a tree and say, “That tree is imperfect, that tree is not manifesting its true nature.” We only look at ourselves and other human beings and say, “We are not manifesting our true nature.”

Why do we say that? Because when it comes to humans, we have an idea of what it is to be saintlike, to be a perfected human being. We don’t realize that each human being is always manifesting his true nature, no matter what that person is doing. It is that simple. As a human being, you cannot do anything but manifest your true nature.”–Dennis Genpo Merzel, The Eye Never Sleeps.

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