Sunday solitude

Yesterday my day began with a thirty mile drive to Mt. Irenaeus for Mass. The weather has been bright and blue the last few days and yesterday’s ride was beautiful. Fr. Lou McCormick was the celebrant and the chapel was full of people. Brother Joe has returned from hiking the Appalachian trail and it was good to see him again after his three week vacation. After Mass and brunch I stopped at the home of a Secular Franciscan to repair their damaged computer. The modem had gotten “fried” in a recent lightning strike. Following the repair we sat down for some great pumpkin bread and a cup of coffee and we began to discuss other activities for our fraternity in the coming year. Then I was on the road again to Dansville Airport and the Finger Lakes Soaring Club. I got to the airport in late afternoon and there was not as much lift as I would have thought. I watched lots of planes take off and land at the airport and even a few gliders departing and landing. Around 5 pm I decided to drive twenty miles north to the Abbey of the Genesee and spend some time there again. This was the fourth Sunday evening in the last six that I’ve spent at the Abbey. I got some sunflower bread in their store and purchased a new book, “Jesus Today:A Spirituality of Radical Freedom” by Albert Nolan. I spent some time reflecting and praying in their chapel and then stayed for Compline. There must be a message here in all this. I am drawn more and more to the Abbey. Once I got home I spent some time reading my new book. It’s a really great book and I highly recommend it to anyone who is searching for meaning in today’s topsy turvy world. Peace.

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