I’ve found myself not looking forward to work and instead looking for a new direction in my life. I used to really look forward to work. I liked my work. Now, it seems to be not as rewarding and I look forward to spending more time away from it and involved in other things. I’ve been drawn to quiet places and increasingly to solitude. I don’t really know if I’m running away from life or running towards it. I watch very little television. I read some internet news sources and even those I read sparingly. I’m confused at times and not sure of the direction of my life.

I was thinking today that it has been ten months since I began to journal my thoughts in this blog. Overall, the experience has been both cathartic and expansive. I’ve read more reflections from other bloggers who are chronicling their own thoughts and that has been good. I’ve felt less isolated and more a part of. I feel more connected to a larger community. I get regular feedback from folks who visit this site and they share with me at time about what I write.

Snow has fallen tonight. Just a thin coat on the ground outside my window. I’m sitting here next to my pellet stove enjoying the warmth of brother fire. Looking deeply at the pellets and the fire I can see the blue sky, Brother sun and Sister Water. They are all in the fire tonight.

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  1. Snow already? Brrr… Not yet, please. 🙂 This morning I was dropping my daughter off at school shortly after sunrise, and the sun hitting the red and yellow leaves made them look all aflame. It was amazing.

    Don’t get discouraged, Don. Many of us go through phases where we get tired of the grind and feel the need to be alone and to ponder our ultimate direction…

    Even if I don’t post all that often, I do enjoy reading your thoughts. Keep them up.

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