Prayer for a soldier

Tonight I heard that a young man who was once part of a Fellowship of Christian Athletes “Huddle” I oversaw is headed to Iraq. He doesn’t know that I’ve been praying for him ever since he was in college and that I knew that eventually he’d go to Iraq. I hoped against hope that somehow he’d miss out, but the latest “surge” by the Bush Administration will put this young man in harm’s way. I haven’t spoken to him in at least four years, but I’m sure he’s as “gung-ho” as he was back when he was in high school. He graduated from Houghton College which is only twenty miles distant. Houghton’s ROTC program made it possible for this young man to attend a private Christian College that otherwise he might not have been able to afford.

I hope you’ll join me in praying for 1st Lt. Martin Hatch as he heads off to war. I’m opposed to this conflict and war in general and I’m praying that the angels of the Lord will keep Martin safe from harm. I’m deeply conflicted at times because I honor those who serve, yet actively pray for peace. I know that force of arms will never win the peace. Peace can only be won by embracing the enemy. I hope eventually that Christian Colleges will affirm the Gospel of Jesus Christ and provide ample ways for young men and women to afford a college education without selling their souls in military service.

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2 Replies to “Prayer for a soldier”

  1. I do not think it is an inconsistancy to both love soldiers and hate war. There is more to any soldier and to soldiers as a group than killing and being killed. There is a wish to be of service, to dedicate their lives to the service of others. It is not the soldier who chooses to go to war. It is we who send the soldier, who say, go here and do this.

    There is loyalty and firmness of purpose. There is the love between soldiers who serve together.

    I began this as a comment, but there is so much more here that I think I’m going to turn it into a post.

  2. Thanks for your thoughtful comments. I thought of you as I was writing the commentary on Martin. As a US Navy veteran I have a camaraderie with soldiers, sailors and marines. We are brothers and sisters. The Bush administration’s with us or against us rhetoric is a false choice. War is a last choice not a first choice as it was with them. May God bless our servicemen and women serving everywhere.t

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