A prayer to end torture

I came upon this prayer after Mass today at Mt. Irenaeus. The prayer was written by Sr. Dianna Ortiz, OSU. I first became acquainted with Sr. Dianna through her book, “The Blindfold’s Eyes.” The book was lent to me by Br. Vianney Justin, OFM a torture survivor and dear friend a couple of years ago. I read it at a very difficult time in my own life and though I found the content troubling and frightening I was unable to put it down. I recommend the book to anyone with a heart for people. Sr. Dianna is part of the Torture Abolition and Survivors Support Coalition.

Jesus, our Tortured Brother,
In this world, so many are
forced to walk your path today —
the suffering and pain, the
humiliation, sense of betrayal and
for those with power, the
Romans of today, continue to
condemn others to modern crosses.

You said that what was done to the least of these was done to
you and so each day,
You are tortured anew.

Jesus, our Guardian of the Wounded and Tortured,
Bid us to look into the secret prisons—the unmarked
graves—the hearts and minds of the torture survivors,
Bid us to wipe the tears of the families of those whose
decapitated bodies were cast into the open sea,
Bid us to embarce the open wounds of the tortured.

Jesus, Guiding Spirit,
Teach us to be in solidarity with those who hang from
these crosses,
Call out to those who torture, “Know the evil you have
done and repent.”
Call out to the rest of us, “What meaning does love have
if you allow torture to continue unopposed?”

In the name of all the tortured of the world, give us the
strength, give us the courage, give us the will to bring this
horror to an end, in the name of love, justice, and the God of
us all. Amen

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