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Tonight I presented on a Linux Terminal Server system that I set up for the local township. No one there was much impressed with the system. I used the K12LTSP distribution. The consensus was that anything for free couldn’t be too good. Some people are dumber than a post. I can’t help that I guess.

Sounds like George W. Bush is going to provoke a constitutional crisis in the United States by sending more troops to Iraq in wake of a thumping at the polls and overwhelming opposition on Main Street USA to his plans. Time will tell if we still have a republic of laws and not of men. My vote is with the President. He’ll get the troops. No one has shown any backbone yet and I don’t really expect it now. The USA is only a shell of what it used to be. It’s all really run by major corporations. The President takes his orders from the corporations and they must want this war to continue. Hell, it’s great business for them and none of their kids are getting killed and maimed.

Saturday when I was at Genesee Abbey I picked up a jar of organic peanut butter. It’s really pretty good tasting stuff and it’s made by a Western New York firm in Nunda, New York. It’s called “Once Again Nut Butter.” I’ve been spreading it on Monks Bread and adding a teaspoon of honey to that mix. It’s quite tasty and it’s so good for you. The Monks of Genesee Abbey have a new website devoted exclusively to the sale of their products. Here is a link… It’s not completely working just yet, but it’s getting close. You know by now that I’m a big fan of Monks Bread. They have official Monks Bread baseball hats for sale at the abbey for $14. I’ve never looked so good in my new headgear.

We are finally getting some snow. It’s been snowing in earnest the last couple of days and I actually got to run the snow thrower today and do a little shoveling. Our El Nino or global warming weather has had flowers blooming around here. It makes me wonder if the world will end soon. Who ever heard of flowers blooming in Western New York in winter? I’ve always thought the Christian fundamentalists were full of baloney on the end times predictions, but maybe they are finally going to get one right and we’ll have Armageddon soon. I read that Israel might be getting ready to drop tactical nuclear weapons on Iran. President Bush says that isn’t true, but who knows. They’ve lied to us before. If the climate is goofed up now, imagine what it’ll be like after a couple of nukes explode. The guys that are writing about that stuff are really deluded. They speak euphemistically of the casualties. They use words like “low yield.” What is a “low yield” nuclear weapon? They say these bombs only pack 1/15th the power of the bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima. Wouldn’t you just love it if the war mongers would spend a fraction on feeding the poor and providing health care to the uninsured? I wonder how many smart bombs it would cost us to end hunger and the insurance nightmare. 80,000 people were killed in Hiroshima as a direct result of the bomb blast. Fifteen percent of that would be 12,000 people. That might be acceptable for scientists and if you aren’t one of the 12,000. I’ll bet the poor rascals that get killed might not be as grateful and understanding of the progress we’ve been making in weapons of mass destruction. Agnus Dei qui tolli peccata mundi, dona nobis pacem.

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