Prayers for peace

Today is cold. It’s the dog days of winter. We’re not experiencing El Nino anymore. We don’t have the level of snow that we used to have, but it’s still cold. I read a lot. Some of my reading are blogs like this one and others are more news oriented like Huffington Post and Think Progress. The looming possibility of war with Iran is frightening to me. I sense that the United States will use nuclear weapons or as a result of the war will use nuclear weapons to carry its will forward in the middle east. I think this is a frightening time and a frightening administration that is in power in Washington, D.C. During the Reagan years there were many who feared a nuclear exchange with the Soviet Union. That was a threat that I grew up with as a child of the Cold War. I remember the air raid drills we’d have in elementary school. I remember the Civil Defense books we took home that showed how to build nuclear war survival shelters.

I’ve had a sense in the past six months that maybe the end is near, maybe our delusional President will take us to war once again. We currently have a carrier task force that includes at least 50 ships in the ocean near Iran. What other purpose could there be for such a sizable force? What cataclysmic effect would a nuclear exchange have on our brittle planetary weather? More than that we have 130,000 plus troops in Iraq and and God only knows how many are in Afghanistan. A nuclear exchange could be deadly for them. What is this president thinking of? Is he thinking at all? Is he really in charge? Who is running the show down there?

We’re powerless to do anything. We’re like sheep being led to slaughter. The Democrats don’t have the will to impeach these madmen and so we are running closer and closer to war again. I pray for peace, but I don’t think my prayers will accomplish much.

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