Franciscan Crown

I have been trying to say the Rosary more during Lent. I began this practice a couple of years ago. I love Our Lady, but I had not prayed the Rosary very much until a couple of years ago. A very upsetting event occurred in my life a few years ago and I began to carry a Rosary with me as a way of staying connected with the Lady and for protection. I carry a Franciscan Crown Rosary in my car and often I have recited it on my way to and from. I don’t know what I’m doing and don’t know if I’m saying it the way it was intended but I do meditate on what I am saying and maybe it’s helping someone. I hope so.

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  1. The Crown is a great rosary. I’ve added it to my routine of rosaries which consist of the the four (new) standard mysteries for Monday through Thursday in Gospel order, the Seven Sorrows on Friday and the Crown on Saturday.

    For those who would like to learn the Crown, here is a description from the Friars Third Order Regular. For those with a Palm PDA, it is also available in the Virtual Rosary for the Palm.


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