Life renewed

It’s 62 degrees fahrenheit here in Franklinville, New York  and Mother Earth is beginning to come to life after winter. crocus.jpgI love the smell of the mud and the sight of crocuses in the lawns and woodlands around here. Mass at Mt. Irenaeus today was one of the rites of spring. Though it was the Fifth Sunday of Lent the air of spring and the bountiful presence of Brother Sun was in the air gave thought to the resurrection of nature. Over forty people were present for Mass at Mt. Irenaeus. I was surprised since one of the roads leading to the mountain had been partially washed away by the melting snow and spring rains. Today was also our monthly gathering of the St. Irenaeus Fraternity of the Secular Franciscan Order. We had a small gathering as some of our members are out of town.  Today we discussed the Franciscan Rule of Life and its origins. I rode to Mass and the meeting with my friend Terry. He’s an Inquirer at our Fraternity. On our trip to Mt. Irenaeus we discussed our own experience with the Rosary.  I really enjoyed our conversation as he shared his own experience with the Rosary. I was apologetic about my rosary methodology. But, he put me at ease telling me it was far more important to pray than to worry about whether I could remember what mystery I was meditating on.  Our talk encouraged me to pray part of the rosary on my trip home. Ave Maria gratia plena. Peace.