Built from scratch solar car

This is a really great idea hatched by some enterprising high school students and an adult in New Hampshire. It makes you wonder why we can’t solve dependence on middle east oil. You don’t think our politicians have sold us out do you? [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0JNohHaqM4]

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  1. I think the current state of affairs is unfortunately due to a number of bad things – the undue influence of major auto manufacturers with the government, the influence of the oil industry, the promotion of the idea that everyone needs a big truck to be safe, and of course, all the consumers who continue to buy large trucks for their suburban commutes. (Not to mention folks who use said large trucks to go a few blocks for milk despite being able to walk and carry.)

    I really like my hybrid, but fully admit that it is not the most efficient way I could get to work. If I were willing to add an additional hour and a half to my daily commute, I could take the bus or train. I’m not sure I could take this car, since the range isn’t quite far enough and I don’t think that there are any routes between my house and my office that have a low enough speed limit the entire way.

    Currently, I am writing to local officials to try to get a plan approved for improved public transit between the county I work in and the county I live in.

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