The quiet place

One of the regular readers of this blog is a lovely and thoughtful writer whom I met through my old blog on This lovely and thoughtful post of The God of the Quiet Place really resonates for me as do the comments. I recommend it. We are bombarded by noise and busyness that is a by product of our culture. The constant buzz of news and whatever other distractions keep us from focusing on the eternal. These distractions keep us from hearing the still small voice of our creator. When we fail to listen to that silence we justify all sorts of abominations. We become disconnected with our creator and all that is created.

Be still and know that I am God.–Psalm 46:10

One Reply to “The quiet place”

  1. *blush* Thank you.

    I think we all need to look for the quiet places within ourselves, because only from there will we find the peace that needs to come flowing out into the desert that we are surrounded by. It is possible, if difficult, to find that space even in the midst of chaos. And I think it has become more essential than ever to find that peace within and act on it in the wider world, even when it is frightening to do so.

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