A heart without words

Today’s massacre on the campus of Virginia Tech staggers the mind. As the parent of a college age student I frequently am concerned about the safety of our children. Most of the time I worry about young and inexperienced drivers and the highways and byways of our country. Today’s tragedy in Blacksburg, Va. though not unique in American culture is a reminder that there are far greater concerns for parents and students alike. In speaking with a colleague today about the tragedy I said I’d noticed an up tick in rage filled people. I became aware of these folks soon after 9/11. Maybe they were always there and that moment in time was an epiphany for me. I own Michael Moore’s, Bowling for Columbine, and maybe he overstates it a bit, but there is a tendency toward violence in the United States that doesn’t seem to exist in other civilized countries. What happened today in Blacksburg happens daily in Iraq, Afghanistan and other war zones and the innocents become just a set of numbers to us. Today, there are faces with those numbers and there is identification with the victims and their families. Let us resolve that these innocents shall not have died in vain and that from this tragedy a healing presence can emerge that can bring something good out of this horrible event.

I can only offer my prayers for the victims, their families and the greater community of everyone affected in the United States. At times like this I never have the right words but I do have a heart and that is what I can offer.

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