Calm for a fearful society

The horrific events at Virginia Tech caused me to look again at a book I purchased at least a year ago. Thich Nhat Hanh is one of my favorite authors and he has some insight into the problem with violence in our country. I’m no doubt influenced by his writing as I’ve read several of his books and listened to some of his lectures. As I read his book, “Calming the Fearful Mind,” I can hear his voice.

America is getting angrier and angrier everyday. More and more we are consuming the kind of sensory food that bring violence and hatred into our bodies and minds. The energy of violence is being nurtured everywhere in daily life. The violence in us overwhelms us and demands an outlet. We can choose the sensory food that heals and nourishes us or sensory food that poisons us.–Thich Nhat Hanh, Calming the Fearful Mind-A Zen Response to Terrorism

2 Replies to “Calm for a fearful society”

  1. I think it is impossible to think about the problems of violence in our society without thinking about the problems with abortion. Fully 1/3 of all of those under 34 have been killed by this plague. With abortion violence has become the first resort of too many faced with difficulty. If we take seriously the deaths from abortion it is clear that we live in the most violent society in the history of the world. It is no wonder that “The energy of violence is being nurtured everywhere in daily life.”

    It is no wonder that Americans are not concerned about unjust wars.

  2. Ending abortion is part of a philosophy that respects and nurtures all life. We will never successfully legislate morality. Up until now abortion has received only lip service from politicians eager to use the issue to their advantage. A general respect for all life that includes an end to abortion, capital punishment and the cessation of the climate of retribution which is incorrectly labeled justice is of paramount importance if our society hopes to end the tragic cycle of violence. Your response has give me the desire to write more about this issue which is dear to my heart. Thank you. Peace. 🙂 Don

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