It’s hard to know what to say now that President Bush has vetoed the Iraq spending bill. I didn’t expect him to sign it, but it’s still sad because innocent American young men and women who would have had bright futures are condemned to an early death or dismemberment. There will be nothing accomplished in Iraq that will help average Americans or average anyone. No one is a winner in Iraq least of all American soldiers. Mr. Bush will go down in history books as the worst and most unpopular president in American history. It’s a dubious honor that he’s earned. He’s just dumber than a box of hair. He’s a pathetic example of what happens when you make malice your centerpiece. He’s the man who snickered and mimicked Carla Faye Tucker as she went to execution. He’s the man who said Jesus Christ most influenced him. I think deep down he really is decent. He is afterall made in the image and likeness of his creator. All of us are. But, all of us can become very sick at times and Mr. Bush is very sick at this moment in his life. There is always the possibility of redemption and we can all pray for his that.

It is difficult to imagine anything positive coming from the debacle in Iraq. One of the arguments against a withdrawal of our forces from Iraq is that the country would descend into chaos. Do these people really think that Iraq is not in chaos now? How could the chaos be worse? It will take decades to repair this poor country. Afghanistan was the high watermark of the Soviet Union. I believe that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq will be the high watermark of the American colonial empire. The Congress, President and the taxpayers of the United States have squandered over 500 billion dollars on this war. How can the Republicans ever run again as the party of limited government and fiscal restraint? They have made a mockery of the word conservative. The military-industrial complex we were warned about by Dwight Eisehower might spawn the death of our republic. How much longer before we can beat our swords into plowshares?

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  1. I do not believe that Mr. Bush is stupid. Nor do I believe that he is uniquely cut off from hearing the voice of the Creator. I believe that he has chosen to listen to other voices – pride, greed, hatred. Those voices are drowning out the voices of the American people, common sense, and especially the still, small voice that speaks in the wilderness of our hearts.

    While I will continue to pray that Mr. Bush may heed that voice, I don’t count on him doing so, and will continue to work with others who have proven that they are willing to hear the call to peace. This bill’s passage, despite the mendacity of those who continue to demand blood sacrifice to Mammon (note that we are not asked to make economic sacrifices that might touch the wealthy), is a good sign. We are beginning to once again have a Congress that is not merely a bunch of yes-man rubber stamps.

  2. I tend to be a little kinder and softer these days.

    I am disappointed in President Bush’s leadership but I am more disappionted in the lack of any leadership in Congress.

    All we get is a photo opt.

    No one is governing the country.

    I will continue to pray for the safe return of our military men and women.

    And that they be keep from harm’s way unitl then.

    I just keep breathing in and out, smiling, and trying to help one person today.

    Some days that all I can do.

    To bad your political leaders are not trying to help anyone but themselves.

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