Leaders? What Leaders?

Last week in a phone conversation with my Mother I learned of a new book by an old favorite. Lee Iacocca who along with Jimmy Carter and the U.S. Congress rescued Chrysler from bankruptcy has authored a new book. Iacocca was a breath of fresh air twenty years ago and at eighty-two years young he’s still full of vitality. Here is a link to and excerpt of the book that appeared on Commondreams.org today. Click here to read the article. I too have had enough of the current administration and our inept Congress that won’t remove them from power. What the hell happened to the idea of impeachment for high crimes and misdemeanors? By anyone’s standard George Bush, Dick Cheney et al. lied us into a war and they were aided and abetted in this madness by the do nothing Republican controlled Congress and the inept Democrats. The Republicans are no longer in control, but this anemic bunch of Democrats in the 110th Congress have put impeachment off the table. Why?

Clinton was impeached for lying about a sexual liaison with an intern. He embarrassed himself, his wife, family and certain members of his administration. Characters were besmirched but no one died as a result of his misdeeds. Now, seven years later we have an executive branch which has “torn up” the Bill of Rights, thumbed it’s nose at the American people and in the process over 6,500 Americans are dead counting those who died on 9/11/2001. We have no energy policy as the gasoline prices are skyrocketing and the middle class is being crucified with higher taxes, lower incomes and no energy plan. Our military is in a shambles. The Army is broken by the endless war orchestrated by a bunch of draft dodgers and deserters who have no compunction about extending our fighting men and women beyond the breaking point. Few seem to care. What the hell is going on?

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  1. My first impulse was to make a reference to 30 pieces of silver in regard to what our military and our citizenry have been sold for. But I find I have more tenderness in my heart for Judas, who was trying to free his country from occupation by the Romans, thinking that perhaps *this* might finally spark the resistance, than I do for those who have sold not only us, but the entire planet into bondage to the fuel market.

    As I have written before, where is the request to at least turn down our climate control systems, open a window, telecommute, carpool, put on a sweater in the winter, possibly even think about taking public transit where we can? Where is the encouragement to switch from incandescent to fluorescent, or even to moving over by the window and using all that solar lighting that shines down on us every day?

    Where is the commitment to reducing global climate change? Where is the commitment to using our resources wisely, not to benefit the few, but to truly improve the lives of all Americans, and even to reach out to the world?

  2. I should probably have added that I think Judas went about it in entirely the wrong way, but thought that was obvious. Perhaps there are some good intentions among the warmongers in charge, but I just don’t see them.

  3. You make a good argument for term-limits. Power only breeds corruption and neither political party is clean. Now the Democrats are beating their chest in support of a strong Defense program while trying to oppose the war. But no one is talking about peace or the end of violence in Iraq.

    I agree with you on many points, disagree on some, but believe we need to issue a recall of all elected senators and congressmen for failure to do their job. The executive branch will be replaced in a year.

    Just a thought. Breathe by friend.

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