Home server

I’ve been reading about Microsoft’s new home network server. I’ve thought about that sort of thing before. I’m sure they’ll sell a bundle of them. With a little work you can easily build a Linux based home server and probably at a fraction of the cost of the proprietary product. Today I was looking at Dell’s Factory refurb store and I saw a number of AMD Athlon and Sempron mini-towers retailing for $259. I could buy one and use Ubuntu or any other Linux distribution and build my own home server. Better yet it would be more stable probably more secure that the proprietary product. I can use my home server as a firewall, a proxy server and even an filter to keep my family safe from some of the nasty sites on the internet. I could even hang a printer or two off from my home server and set my family up for network printing. Linux is powerful software and with a little resourcefulness it’s easy to configure a home server.