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I love blogs and bloggers. I have learned so much from reading what other people are sharing that I no longer have much time for network news or the local newspaper. Today has been no exception. Through a boolean search on Google I found a teacher in Atlanta who is using Google Apps. I began exploring Google Docs last fall and this spring as Google unveiled Google Apps I decided to take a look at it. Impressed is an understatement. A few weeks ago I participated in a webinar hosted by Google that explained “Apps” in more detail. It’s not often that I can sit in one spot for 45 minutes and not get drowsy. For forty-five minutes Google’s presenter kept me in rapt attention. I just could not believe what I was seeing and hearing. Here is a suite of tools that really levels the playing field in K12 education, not to mention higher education and even business. If you’re a K-12 educator, a parent, or a student I’d like to hear what you think of Google’s latest offering. It is free afterall to education.

As an experienced IT director I’d like to say that Google Apps has a very real potential to revolutionize computing for students. I hope more educators take advantage of it.

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