Impeach Cheney

I’m impressed with what Bruce Fein, a Reagan era associate deputy attorney general has written in a piece which appears on Slate today.

Cheney has dulled political accountability and concocted theories for evading the law and Constitution that would have embarrassed King George III.

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. I don’t think much is going to happen to Cheney or Bush because Congress is controlled by the corporations and until and unless they do something to hurt corporate America will be stuck with their incompetence and lawlessness.

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  1. Interesting article and post, Don.

    I was listening to a segment about him on the radio the other day. Claimiing to be not part of the Executive Branch, but not quite part of the Senate, either… Accountable to no one.. Hmmmm.

    What hubris.

  2. Yes, hubris is a good way to describe his actions. We are either a government of the people, by the people and for the people or we aren’t. This vice-president and president are way over the line. Imagine if Clinton had invaded another country with false and misleading information. Imagine how much different the rhetoric would be. Wrong is wrong and these wrong headed folks need to be reined in. We have a great system of government designed to rein in rogue elements and the vice-president has become a rogue element.

  3. In my opinion, both Nixon and Clinton deserved at most censure but certainly not impeachment. The quantifiable harm done by either of those two is miniscule compared to lasting damage that the Bush/Cheney deceptions have caused our country.

    The Watergate break-in was clearly against the law and those responsible should have been held accountable. The actual damage it had caused would be difficult to quantify at best.

    Clintons transgressions in the oval office, if they had not been publicized by the GOP would not have resulted in any objective harm to anyone unless you happen to believe that evil spirits would have been somehow invoked by the desecration of this holy place.

    The harm to the USA ,the Mideast and the world in general caused by the lies and deception of Bush and Cheney has been monumental and lasting. Not only do they deserve to be removed from office but they should be prosecuted criminally. The impact of their crimes exceed those of any other Americans in the history of our country.

    Where is the outrage?

  4. Agreed! The outrage is there, but it’s not covered by the mainstream media. Therefore we never hear it. There is an old saying that “he who gets to tell the story rules the world.” That is exactly what has happened here. Our democracy has been dismantled in front of us. We have not been destroyed by Al-Qaeda or some other foreign power. We have instead been destroyed from within by sources and individuals who wrapped themselves in the American flag all the while discrediting those who sought to expose them. International outrage is present too but it’s not reported in our media. The outrage is covered instead by the new “free press”, the bloggers.

  5. Have been off a week and one to go.
    The nice thing is not listening to the news.

    Physicall labor is a wonderful way to mediate — get some yard work done.

    When I think about politicians I think about cattle rustlers and Hell Angel Bikers.

    The real sadness is that the release of Pairs Hilton got more coverage than the wars or the lack of work being done in Congress. Looks like no immigration bill now until 2009 if then.

    All of Washington is in a mud hole wrestling and no one call the other guy dirty because they are all covered with mud.

    Some recent polls, show Congress has a lower rating then George W. Neither is very good. America would rather be entertain by Pairs Hilton leaving jail.

    Well enough from South Carolina, I am going to spend my day more wisely.

    Have a good weekend.

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