The power of intention

Today was a lazy day. Up at 9:30 am and then lounging all day until it was time to head over to Mt. Irenaeus for an Evening of Re-Creation. I’ve grown accustomed to these summer evenings. I wasn’t sure I’d go tonight as family was coming in and with it being the Fourth of July I thought that not many folks would be at the Mountain. There weren’t many folks at the Mountain tonight. Mass before supper was a very intimate experience. The number present were small enough that Fr. Lou invited us to gather around the altar at the offertory. Communion in this setting is always much more personal and there is a real sense of community that isn’t as prevalent at a larger celebration of the Eucharist. Following Mass Fr. Bob Struzynski, OFM who was tonight’s speaker following dinner asked a group of us Seculars if we’d help him with the program after dinner. We agreed and each of us was given a duty to perform. I was in charge of selecting and playing a meditative piece in the ten minutes before the evening program began and I was to lead the Our Father at the end of the evening.

Fr. Bob’s talk was on the interrelationship between “love-gratitude” and the Eucharist. He spoke of the death of Jesus, the celebration of the Eucharist and how this demonstrated the “love-gratitude” that God has for all of us. In his talk he cited the work of a scientist who had conducted a study of the effect that language and intention had on the formation and quality of water crystals. The scientist, Dr. Masaru Emoto, discovered that human thoughts and emotions can alter the molecular structure of water. Fr. Bob’s talk focused on the power of “love-gratitude” to alter human consciousness and using this scientific discovery to illustrate that point. There has always been a mystical presence in the Eucharist for me. I can’t define it nor explain it, but it is there. Fr. Bob’s talk gave more than credence to my senses.

Upon returning home I did some “Googling” and discovered the scientist that Fr. Bob was speaking of and of his work. I invite you to consider the effect that your thoughts and words can have on those around you.

What makes this discovery so amazing is that we live on a planet covered by more water than landmass, and that the human body is largely composed of water. So if we have the power to change the structure of the medium we are made of by simply producing positive though patterns, we can restore not only our own health but that of everyone around us, and even the planet itself, with our every thought.

Think about what giving thanks and praying before a meal can do to your health. I used to believe that it was a good way to stop the mental business of the day and put myself into a more receptive space. Now I know that even the food I am about to eat will also be transformed.
Dr. Masaru Emoto

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  1. I carry a “gratitude rock” in my pocket. Anytime that I put my hand in my pocket, I thank God for whatever experience I am encountering at the moment.

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