The Dentist

I was talking to some friends tonight about one of my favorite W.C. Fields’ comedy routines. It’s about a trip to the dentist. I grew up next to a dental office. My Dad was one of two local dentists in our town and I love both Fields’ portrayal of the dentist and his patient. I hope you enjoy it too.[youtube=]

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  1. Don,

    Hilarious! But I think you left out the best part, the part where he actually falls over her in the chair while he’s still working on her teeth…. I think you must know of the sequence that I mean.

    I know what you mean. My father-in-law is a retired dentist. He liked to describe himself as “the one out of the 5 dentists who doesn’t agree.” As in , the commercials where they always used to say “4 out of 5 dentists agree…”


  2. This clip is not my favorite but it’s good. I think the one you’re referring to is the tooth extraction where Fields puts one of his feet on the woman’s chest to get more leverage for the extraction. At least that is how I remember the sequence. Alas, I’m limited to what Youtube had on their site. 🙂 Don

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