The new progressives

I’ve grown quite jaded about politicians of both major parties. They really don’t speak for the average American. When over 70% of the American people oppose the War in Iraq and we still can’t leave, you gotta know that the voice of the people isn’t being heard. When a majority of Americans favor impeachment of both the President and Vice-President and we’re told it’s off the table, you know that most of today’s Democrats are nothing more than the political equivalent of the New Jersey Generals. It was therefore quite heartwarming to see this clip of Markos Moulitsas squaring off with Harold Ford, the head of the DLC and a champion of the status quo.


Blogs have initiated another Gutenberg moment in world history. They have truly liberated the discourse of American politics, but also in a larger sense the world.  You don’t need to find a publisher today to get an audience. You can be the publisher with WordPress, Blogger, Typepad et al.

Long live free speech and chaps like Markos Moulitsas who have championed it once again. Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine and the founding fathers of our nation would be proud of you.

2 Replies to “The new progressives”

  1. I agree. I thank God that we have a voice that can be heard online. My only regret is that our own government although they do notice the blogs, still don’t listen to the majority of the American voters.

  2. I don’t think they’re going to listen to the average American ever again unfortunately. It makes me very sad to see what has happened to our country. We the people, the owners, have been overthrown by the corporations and very powerful lobbies like AIPAC and others. The recent Democratic and Republican debates have been steered toward the MSM hand picked candidates and away from populist voices like Mike Gravel, Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich. I suppose we should remain hopeful. I know if I was 30 years younger I’d give serious thought to emigrating elsewhere.

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