Today started out with a drive over the Mt. Irenaeus for Mass this morning. I wasn’t going to go, but being a creature of habit I got in the car and drove over. I listened to Bill Douglas on the way. It was a change. This summer for one reason or another I’ve listened to a lot of Jimi Hendrix. I can’t seem to get enough of Voodoo Child and some of his other cuts from the Woodstock Concert.

Fr. Dan Riley, OFM was the celebrant today. His brother Denny was there too from California. I hadn’t met Denny until today. He’s a member of Veterans for Peace. I joined a few years ago but have let my membership lapse. He encouraged me to renew. It’s only twenty-five dollars per year and it’s a good cause. Fr. Dan’s homily was about doors. He asked to think about how many doors we passed through on our way to Mass. He invited us to think about each part of creation as a door. That means that you and I are doors and then too each leaf, each blade of grass is a door too.

After Mass and brunch I came home to work for a while. I’ve been re-learning how to use MySQL and PHP. I’m building a database for my workplace using MySQL, PHP, Navicat and DBQuiksite. Two of the products are open source. Two of the products are proprietary. I made quite a bit of progress toward my goal of having a functioning database that can accept input from users.

About 4:30 pm I left my home bound for Olean Airport. I had signed up to take a rented Cessna Skyhawk for a ride. My goal was a short cross-country flight to Dunkirk, New York. Flying into Dunkirk Airport is like coming home. That’s where I learned to fly. The weather today was very cooperative and after helping some other pilots move an airplane I set out for Dunkirk. The flight was very smooth. Only a slight bump as my plane climbed up to cruising altitude. There was a layer of clouds at 4,000 feet so I decided to cruise west at 3500 feet. Once I got the plane level, set the throttle, trimmed it and leaned the mix I just sat back and kept a lookout for other traffic. It’s only about a thirty minute trip. I was cruising at 101 knots. There is so much to see and everytime I fly I see more. Flying is another door. The return flight was just as good. Smooth air tonight. Another smooth landing under my belt. I pushed the plane back into the hangar and locked the doors. As I sat on the bench filling out my flight log I looked up to the sky and there was a beautiful full moon slightly shrouded by some clouds. The moon is mystical. Another door.

A short trip to Olean for some supplies and dinner at Tim Hortons. This has been a full day. I’m grateful for today.