This was truly one of the most amazing stories of recent memory. The pilot deserves a presidential medal. The passengers are unbelievably calm after such a traumatic event. This event will stand in the annals of aviation history as simply incredible. The people of New York City and particularly the operators of the tugs and ferrys that rescued everyone deserve the highest praise. New York City gets a lot of bad press at times but this week New York City and its residents can stand tall.  They are and were their brothers keepers.

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Abbey flight

Last night as I looked at the western sky I thought that this afternoon might be good flying weather. I called the FAA and got an outlook briefing for Thursday’s weather. It looked good. I called Olean-Cattaraugus Aviation and reserved their Cessna Skyhawk for Thursday afternoon. Today I arrived at Olean Airport a few minutes before 5 pm. I pre-flighted N65003 and started the plane, taxied to Runway 22, completed my pre-flight and took off. Continue reading “Abbey flight”


Today started out with a drive over the Mt. Irenaeus for Mass this morning. I wasn’t going to go, but being a creature of habit I got in the car and drove over. I listened to Bill Douglas on the way. It was a change. This summer for one reason or another I’ve listened to a lot of Jimi Hendrix. I can’t seem to get enough of Voodoo Child and some of his other cuts from the Woodstock Concert. Continue reading “Doors”

Franklinville from overhead

This is a picture of Franklinville, New York looking west taken this afternoon as I cruised overhead in a Cessna Skyhawk. It was a great day to fly. I hadn’t been up in nearly three weeks. I got in a couple of good landings and enjoyed the gift of powered flight once again.

Skyhawk N65003 on final at Olean

N65003 on final
I drove up to Olean Airport just before dinner tonight. I hadn’t been up to the airport in a couple of weeks. I love to drive up eve when I’m not flying. Airports are always fascinating places to visit. There was some activity today. There was a corporate jet on the ramp, a Piper 180 getting pre-flighted and my regular ride, Cessna Skyhawk N65003 in the pattern. I followed the pilot, who is the branch manager of our Cattaraugus County Bank in Franklinville as he executed his approach to land and then I took a series of photos as he did land. Pictured here is the aircraft just about ten feet above the runway beginning the landing flare just prior to actual touchdown.


In the last six years I’ve purchased a half dozen GPS units. Up until recently they all had been hand held units. My first two units were Magellan 310 and Magellan 315 units which I purchased for handheld navigation when I’m flying. Last year I purchased a Magellan Explorist. Continue reading “Navman”

Genesee River Valley

I went flying again tonight. It was a beautiful night. I got the Skyhawk out of the hangar, preflighted and and taxied to the end of Runway 4 at Olean Airport. There was a slight quartering headwind but it was light. After I taxied onto the runway I pushed the throttle all the way in and kept¬† ‘003 centered on the runway with some right rudder pressure. Continue reading “Genesee River Valley”

Skyhawk flight

I went flying tonight. Yes, I was out again in my favorite Cessna Skyhawk, Getting accustomed to flying and landing after nearly two years of a forced hiatus has been challenging. This is the third time as pilot in command. It was a beautiful night to fly. I performed all my pre-flight checks and taxied toward the end of Runway 22 at Olean Airport. Continue reading “Skyhawk flight”