Skyhawk N65003 on final at Olean

N65003 on final
I drove up to Olean Airport just before dinner tonight. I hadn’t been up to the airport in a couple of weeks. I love to drive up eve when I’m not flying. Airports are always fascinating places to visit. There was some activity today. There was a corporate jet on the ramp, a Piper 180 getting pre-flighted and my regular ride, Cessna Skyhawk N65003 in the pattern. I followed the pilot, who is the branch manager of our Cattaraugus County Bank in Franklinville as he executed his approach to land and then I took a series of photos as he did land. Pictured here is the aircraft just about ten feet above the runway beginning the landing flare just prior to actual touchdown.

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  1. I remember D. N. when he had taken the plane up that afternoon. Its seems I wasn’t the only one watching.
    Nice flare!

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