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My daughter has been hospitalized with an unusual infection in her left leg. She’s normally “fit as a fiddle,” running ten to twelve miles a week. Tuesday night we received a call that a friend was taking her to the emergency room of a hospital near her college. Like most parents we were scared. We are grateful that she is receiving good medical care. Prayers always help and so we’re grateful for prayers offered for her recovery. She’s in the first week of her junior year in college at State University of New York at Fredonia.

The hospital has a chapel and I stopped there a couple of times today to pray for her. As I prayed today I thought of the many parents around the world who must be at wits end worrying about their children. The parents of soldiers serving in war zones. The parents of children in those war zones. Tonight some Christian volunteers at the hospital came to her room and prayed with us for her return to wellness.

Thank you for your prayers. Peace.

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  1. Thank you all. This is quite touching. She has lymphedema and I don’t know much about that. I spent a lot of time reading about lymphedema last night. Infections are more difficult to overcome because of the lymphedema, but she is making progress. I can feel your prayers and I’m sure she can too. Peace. 🙂 Don

  2. Please pray for my family. My brother is diabetic with medical problems.He may loose his foot if the medication doesn’t work.My mother 85 broke her ankle.My sister has a mental disorder. Please give me the strength to take care of them, I am not feeling well myself. Thank You and God Bless You….Peace and Love…..Judy



    Death of Our Only Son & Other Ongoing Sorrows….


    Dear Community of Prayer,

    Please include my wife and I in your daily prayers for God’s Mercy and Peace in our broken hearts,health and shattered lives in 2009 or as long as possible?/

    Thank you!

    Bill and Carol. oh.usa

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