Convenient fraud

A new video has surfaced on the eve of the sixth anniversary of the 9/11 terror attack. Call me skeptical and cynical, but I think it’s more than coincidence whenever the Bush Administration has some agenda to promote that Osama bin Laden appears out of almost nowhere. Bin Laden is Bush’s convenient stooge. It’s time to sell the surge, so we need a surge in propaganda and what better way to stir up the cauldron than Osama. He’s the “Swampfox” of United States politics. Within hours on that fateful day six years ago we learned of Bin Laden. In the Oklahoma city bombing it took weeks to uncover the villains, but on September 11, 2001 we had a prime suspect within minutes. Most Americans had never heard of the guy prior to that. He became at once a lightning rod that mobilized popular opinion to favor retributive justice for the Taliban. Whoever heard of the Taliban prior to 9/11? The Taliban actually came to the United States to negotiate a pipeline deal in 1997.

Remember those 19 Iraqi hijackers. Oh, that’s right they were Saudis, but hey that’s a minor detail. We need a pretext for American empire in Central Asia.  We need a base of operations from which to protect Israel because Israel’s security interests have become conveniently blurred with our own and Iraq is ripe for the plucking. We’ll attack the Taliban for a few months and make it look like we’re going after this Bin Laden guy then we’ll do a little bait ‘n switch and invade Iraq.  We’ll keep Americans pumped with terror threats and bin Laden videos and then we’ll mention that there are ties between Al-Qaeda and Iraq.

Remember how bin Laden appeared just prior to the 2004 election to encourage us to vote for the Democrats. Then Mr. Cheney implied that a vote for the Democrats was a vote for the terrorists. Wake up America! We’re being played for fools.  Today we’re told that intelligence confirms that the voice on the most recent tape has been analyzed by intelligence and it’s really Osama. You’re not supposed to remember that intelligence or lack of it is what got us into this mess in the first place.  Our intelligence community and our President missed warnings on 9/11, they missed WMD in Iraq, they still haven’t snagged Osama but we’re supposed suspend all reality now and believe that they actually know what they’re talking about.  It is all convenient fraud meant to manipulate public opinion and the worst part is that they’re succeeding. Our special operations have been turned on us and we cannot distinguish fact from fiction.

I’m going to observe 9/11 by praying for peace and continuing my “news fast” from corporately controlled media outlets. When you buy into the media story you buy into their reality, but it’s not reality. It’s really a sinister virtual reality created by propagandists seeking to subvert Americans.  It’s a reality created by corporate oil and the military industrial complex. Pax vobiscum.

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  1. Right on. You said it and much more concisely than I. This is psychological warfare, pure and simple, being perpetrated against the innocent citizens in this country to rally them to an agenda that isn’t theirs.

  2. I can’t discount the billions of oil revenue flowing to fanatics that want to foist their religion on the rest of the world. They’re using their money to take over oil supplies in the Sudan, Venezuela, and everywhere oil is unearthed.
    If we divert our attention to “eating our own” we’ll soon be someone elses lunch. 40 years of not developing atomic energy have led us to this point of having to fight terrorists on their own ground.
    If we don’t take care of this now, we face a future of unmitigated oppression by these fanatics.

  3. We’ll be consumed by fanaticism of our own making. Our own obsession with endless war and endless consumption is a fanaticism of its own. This will consume us faster than anyone from Islam. Islam is the new communism, the new “bad guy”, the acceptable villain which justifies the existence of our largest entitlement program, the military industrial complex. Our obsession with weapons, weapons systems and the money trail that goes along with that will doom us just as it did the former Soviet Union. We have only to survey the trash heap of earlier empires including Rome to see the fate that awaits us.

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