Stranger than fiction

This video from 1992 is very telling. Back then AIPAC did not have the hold on our government and our foreign policy that it enjoys today. A different scenario played out then in Iraq and Kuwait and this very telling piece of video is priceless. Today the influence of AIPAC has completely changed our national priorities and at this moment are steering us ever closer to War with Iran. Until you do some reading and some independent thinking you won’t make the connection, but once you do it’s a simple matter to understand why Hillary Clinton and George Bush have similar foreign policies and why with a Democratic majority we have no move to impeach George Bush, Dick Cheney or seriously curtail our war effort in Iraq or our warlike gestures toward Iran.


Since the 1989-90 election cycle, pro-Israel interests have contributed $41.3 million in individual, PAC, and soft money contributions to federal candidates and party committees. More than two-thirds of that total, or $28.6 million, has gone to Democrats.*

The pro-Arab community is a far less visible player on the political stage than the pro-Israel community, although campaign contributions from pro-Arab and pro-Muslim interests have risen steadily over the past decade.—

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  1. Yea…like I said in my post on this video…what do you call a group of people who deliberately lead their country down the path of destruction for the enrichment of themselves and their friends…

    TRAITORS. (Dick Cheney and Pals)

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