Phony pundits

There has been a huge outcry the last few days to discipline Rush Limbaugh for exercising his first amendment rights. I’m not a Rush fan, but he does have a right to his opinions. He does not have the right to discredit real soldiers who have actually served the United States on the battlefield. I think this is a powerful advertisement and it speaks for itself.


General Wesley Clark wants to have Rush removed from Armed Forces radio.  The bellicose,Rush Limbaugh has never worn a uniform in his life. The disabling condition which kept Rush from service in Vietnam, the war of his generation,  was a pilonidal cyst. Rush has every right criticize the critics of the war, but he has no right to question their patriotism. I question the patriotism of a person who used a pilonidal cyst as a way to avoid his own military obligation. As a hospital corpsman in the United States Navy I helped a number of surgeons remove pilonidal cysts from active duty sailors and marines. None of them received medical discharges or deferments as a result of the condition. I think therefore that we have a phony pundit making bogus assertions about brave American patriots.

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  1. This is why I don’t listen to talk radio.

    I listen to SCER & NPR on my way to work for the news and South Carolina items.

    I had a pilonidal cyst while on a carrier and the Doc took care of it with simple surgery.

    The listening public give talk show host to much credibility when most of the time they are blowing hot air.

    But I am sure he is entertaining to the troops.

    Having run a TV station on a carrier, we could never get enough programming.
    Our sailors loved the soaps — and, of course, “Big Money Bingo”.
    But that is another story.

    It a rainy day in South Carolina and fall has not decided to arrive yet.

    May the good of the day be with you.

  2. I don’t listen to radio or television much at all. I can’t remember the last time I listened to Rush. I do enjoy NPR at time, but I usually click it off when it gets to the news. I like Talk of the Nation and some of their other programming. Gee, we used to watch “Victory at Sea” movies at reserve meetings. I was a landlubber sailor. I was stationed at Naval Hospitals and at the one in New London we removed a lot of pilonidal and other cysts from submariners. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and leaving a positive note. Don

  3. i find it funny that the only people who comment on this are the folks that don’t listen to Mr. Limbaugh.

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