Red House LakeThis afternoon my wife and I got in our PT Cruiser and drove down the road to Salamanca, New York in the general direction of Allegany State Park. On the way there we stopped at Subway for what we call the “lazyman’s picnic.” We got a couple of six inch teriyaki chicken subs, chips, cookies and something to drink and drove to the Red House Lake area of Allegany State Park. It was lovely this afternoon and evening as we made our way into the park and to our favorite picnic spot near the shore of the lake. We ate our sandwiches and then took a walk around the perimeter of the lake following the paved bicycle path. As we walked we enjoyed the balmy seventy-three degree temperatures, the sounds of campers and other picnickers. We saw several flocks of Canadian Geese coming for an overnight on the still waters of Red House. We remembered other picnics in other years with our children who are now grown and no longer with us. We stopped and sat on a park bench along the path and enjoyed the view of the Allegany Mountains, the lake, the setting sun and the smoke of campfires. I took this photo with my cell phone camera.

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  1. Miss those fall colors and crisp air back there – I think your temps have been warmer than here!

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