Wes Clark

In the last five years I’ve had to listen to right wing chicken hawks impugn my generation and while they beat the war drums for their trumped up war in Iraq. Now of course this same malevolent element is trying to take us to the precipice of yet another war. When the fighting actually happens these cowards are hundreds if not thousands of miles from the fray. I got the following article sent to me in the mail today and I think it’s well written and worth your time.

“Get that gun going!” I shouted again, as I looked back under my left arm and saw the first troops come across the little footbridge. They were here. And they came running. Those peace-symbol-lovin’, foulmouthed, cussin’, war-hatin’, draftee American soldiers came, right into the firefight. They rushed right into the smack of the bullets, and the whine of the ricochets. They were called forward, and they came! God, I loved them!–Wesley Clark

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this article which was written by a real leader, a real man, a real American. I like General Clark because he’s a voice of reason in a storm of ideas. There can be no doubt that Wesley Clark is one of the bright lights of our time. Read more here.

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  1. How did you know I have Wes Clark for president bumper sticker that’s been on my Jeep since early ’04!? Sincerely. It feels good bumping into a kindred spirit in the blogosphere. Best wishes to you, Don.

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