The War

I read a well written post this morning by PlainFoolish who was and is directly effected by this war in Iraq and Afghanistan. I also read that the Democratic congress caved in and sent President Bush another $189 billion of our tax dollars to fund the slaughter. We have become a one party system. We have the Republicans and Democrats who put up shows and scream at each other on talk shows, but neither truly represents the American people. They do however represent disaster capitalism and AIPAC. Disaster capitalists are making a fortune on this war. The Israel lobby has become the third rail of American politics. Bush-Cheney and Pelosi-Hoyer are all pawns of the Israel lobby, and that’s why were going to attack Iran and continue our wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. It’s not in our national interest to attack the Iranians. They have no weapons that can really harm us strategically but they are a threat to the State of Israel and since we are Israel’s army, navy and air force we’re going to do their bidding.

When historians a hundred years from now write about the decline and fall of the American Empire, this will be salient period. Historians will record how the United States gradually became more and more embroiled in the middle east because their government had been hijacked by foreigners and corporations. If you are a student of American history you’ll remember that we won our own independence fighting against Hessians who were mercenaries employed by the British because they couldn’t conscript enough of their own natives. Half of our forces in Iraq are “Hessians.”