A few days ago Vice President Cheney was interviewed by Martha Raddatz of ABC and in the interview the news anchor had the temerity to assert that two thirds of the American public think that the invasion of Iraq was a mistake and that our policy there is a mistake. Mr. Cheney flippantly replied, “So.”[youtube=] Many of our citizens are upset at Mr. Cheney’s answer and say that the government should pay attention to polls. What these citizens fail to realize is that in a democracy all of their assumptions are true, but the United States of America is not a democracy. It is an oligarchy designed to look like a democracy. Once you understand that the United States is not a democracy then you can step back and realize that it doesn’t do any good to vote in elections or to participate in polling with the aim of influencing government policy. Policy is made by an elite group of industrialists and other moneyed interests who don’t really care what you think and Mr. Cheney is doing their bidding not yours. So sit back relax, keep paying your taxes and if you’re looking for a democracy you might consider moving elsewhere.

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  1. I was thinking of the UK or Canada. My great-grandfather emigrated from Wales in the late 19th century. I’ve never been to the UK but it seems like it’s a good place. I’ve been to Canada and although their cost of living is higher they don’t spend all their money on war and killing. I live about 60 miles south of southern Ontario. I love visiting Ontario and I’ve even been to the Province of Quebec and Montreal. 🙂 Don

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