Birth Defect

I don’t often find myself agreeing with Condoleeza Rice, but I came across an article in today’s Washington Times that I must say Amen to. Thank you Miss Rice. You have the ear of much of the nation and you’ve used your bully pulpit well.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said yesterday that the United States still has trouble dealing with race because of a national “birth defect” that denied black Americans the opportunities given to whites at the country’s very founding.–WashingtonTimes

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2 Replies to “Birth Defect”

  1. An absolutely useless statement on Rice’s part, though it sounds good and keeps her in the good graces of the Black community.

    I say useless because, unless someone has a TARDIS in their garage it’s a insoluble condition she references. It’s essentially as useless as saying the world still has problems dealing with the Middle East because of the behavior of colonial powers during the 18th and 19th centuries.

    Nobody can change the past, and when the flaws of the past were later rectified or mitigated if you prefer it should have been time to move on instead of dwelling on long buried grievances.

  2. Our founding was a glorious chapter in our history and the fact that every America problem was not sorted out in that brilliant moment is an ordinary limitation of political life, not some “birth defect.” Rice is unpatriotic and race-obsessed, much like Obama, and belongs nowhere near power in this white majority country.

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