David Rees

First thing I did after running nearly 9 kilometers this morning was come home to a refreshing shower and then off to check my Google Mail. I’m a fan of David Rees on Huffington Post and Dave must be an Obama fan because he had this nice clip Richie Havens singing “Here Comes the Sun.” I got a sense that Dave was feeling good that we had a ghost of a chance of getting a POTUS with an ounce of sense.  I’ve enjoyed Dave’s Get Your War On series of cartoons which began soon after September 11, 2001 and they’ve targeted the a lot of the Bush foreign policy. David Rees has kept me sane on more than one occasion. I’ve thought at times, “here’s a kindred soul.” I’d like to meet him or least hear him on C-Span. He does have a Wikipedia entry which is quite interesting. I hope you enjoy Richie.