Presidential qualities

Wes Clark is an American hero and so is John McCain. Wes Clark served in Vietnam and so did John. George Bush did not serve in Vietnam and may not have fulfilled his commitment to the Alabama National Guard. Dick Cheney got five deferments in the middle of the Vietnam War. Ulysses Simpson Grant was the only United States general who could consistently kick Robert E. Lee’s butt during the American Civil War and he was also one of the worst presidents of the United States.  George Washington and Thomas Jefferson both owned African slaves. Washington is often considered the father of our country and Jefferson penned the Declaration of Independence. Neither was a saint.  They were average people. Our president today is an average guy who really didn’t qualify to be president based on his resume. He has been president for nearly eight years now and regardless of how you feel about the guy and the job he’s done you cannot diminish his place in the pantheon of  presidents.

I’ve mentioned before that David Rees tickles my “funny bone” and his column in yesterday’s Huffington Post was very amusing to me. He’s put the whole presidential qualification scrap in a very humorous wrapper.

Riding on a rollercoaster and flying out of your seat but then landing on a waterslide and sliding down to into the water and almost drowning but then being rescued by an Elvis impersonator: QUALIFIES YOU TO BE SECRETARY OF THE INTERIOR.–David Rees.

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David Rees

First thing I did after running nearly 9 kilometers this morning was come home to a refreshing shower and then off to check my Google Mail. I’m a fan of David Rees on Huffington Post and Dave must be an Obama fan because he had this nice clip Richie Havens singing “Here Comes the Sun.” I got a sense that Dave was feeling good that we had a ghost of a chance of getting a POTUS with an ounce of sense.  I’ve enjoyed Dave’s Get Your War On series of cartoons which began soon after September 11, 2001 and they’ve targeted the a lot of the Bush foreign policy. David Rees has kept me sane on more than one occasion. I’ve thought at times, “here’s a kindred soul.” I’d like to meet him or least hear him on C-Span. He does have a Wikipedia entry which is quite interesting. I hope you enjoy Richie.